Posted on: October 14, 2011 10:37 am

Occupy Gameday Eugene OR

Rage against the machine. Fans have a voice and have the fuel to lash out against the goaliths of sports. Many know the story few may not. Where to start is in the background, if you are a fan of sports you know who Dan Patrick is. He is a longtime sports journalist and reported of the infamous ESPN (mothership) and sportscenter. He along with other very talented journalist made what the mothership is today. Long story short Dan Patrick (DP) left ESPN, becuase of disagreements to say the least. With the developments of all of that DP has created his own show and now has developed occupy gameday which DP fans try and get signs and known phrases onto the ESPN college football gameday show. This movement has reached a all time zenith of popularity. Oregon fans and DP fans in the Eugene OR area are working very hard and coming up with some very creative ways of getting the DP show onto the gameday show. I cant wait! This is a huge movement, huge movement against the machine. Finally the fans and audience have a voice and are able to say how they feel about sports and can think what they want to think about sports and not be told what to do by a machine. DP has started this and now it is out of his control now it is up to us to keep it moving. Build this snowball to a all time pinnacle. Continue to go against the grain and rage against this machine that is stream line sports media.

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