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Posted on: October 21, 2010 11:38 pm

Tim Brewster may have driven Minnesota to drink

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

That's right, it's another update on Minnesota football on the CBS College Football Blog. Maybe you don't think the trials and travails of the Big Ten 's worst team is worth that much attention, but consider that in the last two weeks, the Gophers 1. threatened to fire their ironically hilarious coach if he lost one more game 2. lost that game in ironically hilarious fashion 3. fired the coach as the same athletic director who'd hired him taunted him as "not Vince Lombardi" 4. turned the ignition on a coaching search that in all logic should end in the hiring of Cap'n Mike Leach 5. had to douse a nasty rumor the coach had gone Hal McCrae on the team trophy case.

If you're a college football blogger, there's no way to ignore catnip like that. If you're a Minnesota football fan, it's probably enough to drive you into the waiting arms of sweet, sweet alcohol. Which heeeeeeeey , that might just give the Minnesota administration an idea :

Just days after Tim Brewster's firing, the University of Minnesota will be spending a lot of money to find a new coach. People wonder if lifting a ban on alcohol sales at Gopher games would bring in more cash to the U of M.
Well, the question isn't actually "if" selling alcohol would bring in the dough; "people in the know" say a liquor license could net the program a quick-n'-easy $3 million. (And "people in the know" are never wrong.) That might be enough to lure the good Cap'n all by its lonesome.

But of course, when we're talking about alcohol, nothing's simple. As the Fox video report on the issue ...

... illustrates, the Gopher powers-that-be haven't even moved this into the discussion stage just yet. But they do have options: either to go whole hog, to just allow alcohol in the brand-spanking-new TCF Bank Stadium's luxury boxes, or to keep teetotaling.

The video also illustrates that plenty of other Big Ten schools -- like Michigan -- make plenty of money without liquor sales. But those other schools aren't Minnesota. The Gophers are behind a serious financial eight-ball, trying to pay for the new stadium, for Brewster's buyout, for the inevitable assistants' buyouts, for the new coach's salary, for his assistant's new salaries, all while dragging around the millstone of widespread fan apathy and inconsistent revenue streams.

In short: if they're not considering it yet, they probably ought to be.

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