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Posted on: February 17, 2012 4:10 pm
Edited on: February 17, 2012 4:11 pm

Arrested Gator TE A.C. Leonard suspended

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

The latest Florida Gator to be arrested has also become the latest Gator to be suspended.

Rising sophomore tight end A.C. Leonard was suspended indefinitely by Florida head coach Will Muschamp Thursday, following Leonard's Wednesday evening arrest on charges of simple domestic battery.

"This behavior will not will be tolerated and A.C. has been suspended from team activities at this time," Muschamp said in a statement. "I certainly don't condone this type of behavior - it is not what we expect from the University of Florida football program."

That may be the case, but it's only fair to say that arrests of one kind or another are precisely what many other people expect from the University of Florida football program--Leonard's was the 10th arrest of a Gator since Muschamp's hire 14 months ago. And the details of this one are uglier than most: according to the account given to police by Leonard's girlfriend, Leonard knocked her over with a two-handed shove, attempted to drag her out of their apartment by her hair, did pull her out by grabbing both feet, then locked the door. She reportedly suffered abrasions on both arms.

Leonard was jailed overnight Wednesday and released on his own recognizance Thursday. A blue-chip prospect in Muschamp's inaugural 2011 recruiting class, he caught eight passes for 99 yards his freshman season.

In Muschamp's defense, of the nine Gators arrested during his tenure (former corner Janoris Jenkins was arrested twice in early 2011 before being dismissed), eight of them were either signed or recruited by his predecessor Urban Meyer, Leonard included. But it was also Muschamp who vowed when he was hired that the Gators would adhere to a higher standard of behavior he dubbed the "Florida Way"; as of yet, those words seem to have fallen on deaf ears where his roster is concerned.

And judging by this picture of an (as of yet officially) unidentified Florida player riding his scooter inside the Gator football complex, tweeted early Friday morning by safety Matt Elam, those ears haven't gone un-deaf yet:

Photo HT: Throw the Flag.

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Posted on: January 19, 2012 7:24 pm

Florida DT Leon Orr arrested on pot charges

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Unfortunately for Will Muschamp, the 2012 offseason has started much the same way the 2011 version did: with a player arrested on marijuana charges.

Last January, it was soon-to-be-dismissed corner Janoris JenkinsThis January, according to student newspaper the Alligatorit's sophomore defensive tackle Leon Orr, arrested Jan. 10 after a search of Orr's dorm room. Orr is charged with possession of marijuana and of drug paraphernalia. 

According to the police report obtained by the Alligator, university police searched Orr's dorm room (with his consent) about 30 minutes before midnight, finding a "baggy [sic] of a green leafy substance, a glass pipe and rolling papers." Orr admitted to owning the items and was arrested.

It wasn't immediately clear why police had been called to Orr's room or why they has asked to search it. Both possession charges are misdemeanors, with Orr's court date set for Feb. 8. 

Since ranking as one of the top prospects in the nation when signing with Florida in 2010, Orr has been mostly relegated to backup duty, redshirting two seasons ago and collecting just 10 tackles (with one sack) in 20112.

Orr's arrest is the fifth in less than a year of a Gator player on marijuana charges, two of them belonging to Jenkins and two to other players last January. All together, eight different Gators have been arrested since Muschamp's hire, despite his pledge to have his players act in accordance with the "Florida Way." The Gators had already developed a thick reputation for off-field misdeeds under Urban Meyerwith Muschamp's stern words and emphasis on discipline expected to produce a change in his team's offseason behavior.

We don't want to make too much out of a routine possession arrest, one that occurs dozens of times on college campuses across the country every week. But there's also no point in pretending that, to this point, the "Florida Way" -- no matter who's the coach -- means petty criminal behavior, arrests, and marijuana problems. Muschamp still has a long way to go.

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Posted on: July 12, 2011 10:18 am
Edited on: July 22, 2011 4:31 pm

Former Gator not tempted by supplemental draft

Posted by Chip Patterson

With the now-former Georgia running back Caleb King joining the group of players available for the NFL supplemental draft, another former SEC standout says there is no rush to end his college career.

Former Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins was dismissed from the Gators' program in June after his third drug arrest, his second in a four-month span. Now with Northern Alabama, Jenkins is looking forward to turning around his reputation and was not interested in making a situation-forced jump to the next level.

"It's not all about the money," Jenkins said to The Florence Times-Daily. "I went three years without money at the University of Florida, so why can't I do it another year. I'm not in a rush to get the money. I just wanted to come back and rebuild my image."

Jenkins may have stepped down from the SEC ranks, but if you are going to drop to Division II - joining former Auburn head coach Terry Bowden is a great way to keep your pro prospects alive. Bowden believes that Jenkins is a first-round draft pick, and is looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the team in his final year of eligibility. As for Gators' head coach Will Muschamp, Jenkins insists that he harbors no ill will towards the first-year coach and they have even stayed in touch through text messages. Jenkins' absence leaves the Gators with only one returning starter in the secondary, junior cornerback Jeremy Brown.
Posted on: May 12, 2011 12:11 pm

Report: Jenkins to transfer to North Alabama

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

It's not exactly a happy ending for Janoris Jenkins' college career -- once you've passed on the opportunity to be a first-round draft choice only to be dismissed from your team for two marjiuana-related arrests in the space of six weeks, there may be no happy ending -- but at least that career will reportedly have a chance to continue.

According to Division II football writer and scout Josh Buchanan, Jenkins will be transferring to D-II North Alabama and is only waiting on NCAA approval to make it official.

Assuming the transfer goes through as reported, Jenkins should still be able to salvage something of his professional career; the presence of head coach Terry Bowden makes the Lions one of the more visible D-II programs, and NFL scouts aren't going to let a proven All-SEC caliber prospect just slip off their radar screens. If Jenkins performs to potential for UNA and avoids any further drug issues, his draft stock should remain high. (As this year's No. 1 overall selection proves, leaving Florida hardly guarantees a big draft plummet.)

But given Jenkins' track record in Gainesville (remember that he had a third arrest earlier in his career), it remains to be seen if he takes advantage of that opportunity. If so, we'll see him on Draft Day 2012.

Posted on: April 28, 2011 5:31 pm

Jenkins: "No option" to stay offered by Muschamp

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

In the end, the details of Janoris Jenkins' departure from the Florida Gators are just that: details. Whether Jenkins had any say in the matter, or whether he was simply dimissed by Will Muschamp following his second marijuana-related arrest in a matter of weeks, Jenkins will be playing his football somewhere else in 2011 regardless (if he plays at all).

But that doesn't mean Jenkins didn't deserve to offer the record his side of the story, as he emphatically did in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel Wednesday. Muschamp had tweeted that he and Jenkins "both felt" it was best for Jenkins to "move ahead to the next stage of his career." But according to Jenkins, it was only his coach who felt that way: 
"The only thing he said was I was dismissed as soon as I walked in the room," Jenkins said. "He washed his hands of me" ...

"They know he didn't give me no option to make. … There was nothing else I could have done or said."
Jenkins mentor Sandy Cornelio, who said he had also been present for Muschamp's meeting with Jenkins, claimed that the coach had offered Jenkins "no explanation" for his decision.

Of course, Muschamp didn't really have to spell things out for Jenkins, did he? Given his public mandate to put an end to the Gators' string of arrests under Urban Meyer and instill a greater sense of discipline in the team, Muschamp couldn't really let a three-time arrested star go unpunished without appearing to be as "soft" as Meyer was frequently criticzed for being. Jenkins may complain, but the conflict here really shouldn't be about Muschamp's decisions regarding his team.

That said, if the decision was entirely Muschamp's, he should be honest enough to present it as such. (A Florida athletic department spokesman said the school "stand[s] by" the earlier statement.) Besides: there didn't seem to be much doubt in the reaction to the news that Jenkins hadn't really left by choice anyway. The only functional difference in claiming the decision was mutual and admitting it wasn't was making an already acrimonious situation more acrimonious ... and while Jenkins might have deserved the dismissal he got, we're not sure he deserved that, too.

Posted on: April 26, 2011 1:50 pm

Janoris Jenkins out at Florida

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

It was one strike too many for Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

Less than four days after Jenkins was arrested on marijuana possession charges for the second time in as many months, Will Muschamp announced on Twitter that the senior all-conference performer is no longer a part of the Gator program. Tweet the first:

And tweet the second:

While the dismissal of any talented athlete is a shame, Jenkins's brings about an extra shake of the head; he initially declared for this year's draft and could have gone as high as the top 15 had he convinced teams his first arrest (after a nightclub altercation in 2009) was behind him. Jenkins chose to return to Florida instead ... and now is neither in the draft nor with the Gators.

Of course, there's no one to blame for that situation other than Jenkins. Muschamp arrived on campus promising to crack down on the petty arrests that marred Urban Meyer's tenure, and given the back-to-back nature of Jenkins' marijuana offenses, he had little choice with Jenkins if he wanted to live up that promise. Losing a player of Jenkins' caliber always hurts, but between Jeremy Brown and Moses Jenkins (no relation we're aware of), the Gators will be OK.

As for Jenkins, it would seem he has little choice other than to find a hospitable FCS school and try to repair his image before the 2012 draft. Like Muschamp, we'll wish him luck; he'll probably need it.

Posted on: April 25, 2011 10:55 am

Two more Gators cited for marijuana possession

Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Will Muschamp may have an image problem on his hands.

His Florida team has already been embarrassed by cornerback Janoris Jenkins' pair of marijuana-related arrests this offseason, the most recent coming just this past weekend. And now the Palm Bech Post has reported that it's not just Jenkins that's been caught by law enforcement with pot this spring; redshirt freshman defensive end Chris Martin and sophomore reserve linebacker Kedric Johnson were both arrested on possession charges this past January. The details:
The Gainesville Police Department arrested Martin, who is expected to compete for a starting job at defensive end or linebacker this summer, on Jan. 29 after officers detected the scent of the drug coming from a vehicle. Martin was in the car and revealed approximately two grams of cannabis when the police confronted him, the report said.

Johnson ... was arrested on Jan. 9 after an officer pulled him over for speeding and smelled marijuana. He produced two grams of it from his glove compartment, the police report said.

Both players agreed to deferred prosecution, and the cases did not go to trial.
Combined with Jenkins' missteps, that makes four marijuana-related arrests for the Gators in 2011 alone.

At a program with a better track record, these incidents might be easily brushed off. But Florida under Urban Meyer became (in)famous for its string of petty (and not-so-petty) arrests, a record Muschamp has promised to change with an emphasis on the "Florida Way."

Though Muschamp will ultimately be judged on wins and losses and virtually nothing else -- for all the griping about the Gators' arrest record under Meyer, his two national championships meant he could have continued in Gainesville almost indefinitely had he not retired -- the "Florida Way" talk will quickly become a punchline if his Gators can't stay out of headlines with "marijuana" in them.

It's early and Muschamp deserves the benefit of the doubt for now -- Martin's and Johnson's arrests occurred within days of his hire -- but it's also a problem the new Gator head honcho will need to nip in the bud* for the sake of his program's already-dicey image.

*Yes, pun intended.

Posted on: April 23, 2011 8:08 pm

Janoris Jenkins busted with pot again

Posted by Tom Fornelli

Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins has once again been busted by Gainesville police for marijuana possession. Barely more than a month after Jenkins appeared in a courtroom to deal with an arrest for marijuana possession, Jenkins was caught with a joint in his car early Saturday morning. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Jenkins had been smoking a cigar in a car parked in a parking lot. When Jenkins saw the police, he put the cigar down, got out of the car and walked away.

The police then found the cigar in the center console of the car and found that it was not filled with tobacco. According to the Gainesville police department, Jenkins was given a notice to appear in court for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana.

What remains to be seen is how this will be handled by Florida. Jenkins did not serve any kind of suspension due to his first marijuana arrest, as he was already missing spring practice following shoulder surgery. Still, new head coach Will Muschamp has said that he plans on instilling a new culture in Gainesville, and one that doesn't turn a blind eye as often as Urban Meyer seemed to.

Another factor to keep in mind, while Jenkins has been nailed with weed twice in the last three months, this is his third arrest since coming to Florida. He was also arrested for resisting arrest and getting into a fight outside a Gainesville night club in May 2009. I'm not sure Muschamp will take that offense into consideration seeing as how it took place before he came to Florida, but you have to think that being arrested twice in three months is not the best way to introduce yourself to your new head coach.

There's a good chance that if Muschamp decides to make an example of somebody, then it could be Jenkins.

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