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Posted on: February 26, 2012 7:01 pm

Braun Bashing "Not Here"

First I would start by saying that yes I am a Braun fan and have watched him come up through the Minors. I am also not arguing whether I think Steroids are right or wrong as my opinion rest more with a person's right to choice. I also would not be the guy to debate if the Hall of Fame or old MLB Baseball records are tainted by the introduction of Steroids to the game. Frankly I dont care and yes I would much rather watch a 9-8 score fest with balls flying out of the park traveling 600ft as opposed to a 1-0 snooze fest. With todays large money contracts and each players quest to obtain one by whatever means available, todays game simply is what it is.

In relation to Braun and the recent bashing he has received eventhough his case was thrown out due to flaws in a system that could of been correct test results or reasonable doubt the test was flawed, to me makes no sense. Not to mention the fact there is chatter now that everything he has accomplished suddenly is tainted and I was reading last week that the Hall of Fame is now out of reach. Can we please take one step back, take a breath and get things in perspective. First of all Braun has never tested postiive in his career for any PED's and he past 3 MLB test during last years 2011 season, all of which were negative. The test in question here is only related to and was taken during the Playoffs, so anything he accomplished in his career and all of last year should not even be debated.

Ahh the test, yes the test that suddenly everyone in the world has analyized and knows without a doubt makes Braun quilty. I have no idea what the results were or why or if it was tainted. More important I do know the results of that test were 3 times larger then the normal limits for the human body and was the largest limit ever recorded for a failed test in history, yet Braun in appearence never seemed to bulk up or add any significant muscle as refered to by himself and those around him everyday. Yes the flavor of the moment opinion seems to be that Braun won on a technicality of the chain of custody system, maybe he did and like it or not that chain of custody in this case was flawed. However I also beleive in this country you are presumed innocent until proven quilty by the evidence and if there is a reasonable doubt in that evidence then you are protected under the law. I find the chain of custody in this case coupled with the extreme amount levels of the failed test to be more then enough reasonable doubt and so did the judge.

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