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BCS National Championship Game stats of note

Posted on: January 10, 2012 12:20 am
Edited on: January 10, 2012 1:00 am
Posted by Bryan Fischer

A few stats of note and records from Alabama's 21-0 win over LSU to capture the BCS National Championship.

- First shutout in BCS title game history.

- Alabama had 384 total yards to LSU's 92.

- LSU crossed the 50 yard line just once, late in the 4th quarter.

- Ohio State's Ted Ginn Jr.'s opening kick return vs. Florida gained more yards and points than LSU did this entire game.

- It wasn't until A.J. McCarron's 13 yard scramble with 6:10 left in the 4th quarter that Alabama, as a team, passed Auburn quarterback Cam Newton's total yardage from last year's championship game. The Crimson Tide finished the game with just 55 yards more than Newton had last year and just 27 more than what Oregon's Darron Thomas had in 2011.

- LSU still wound up gaining 10 more yards than Ohio State did against Florida in 2007.

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- Jordan Jefferson's 29 yards passing was the fewest in the BCS National Championship game and second fewest out of all BCS games played.

- This was the first ever shutout in a BCS game, the previous fewest points scored was Florida State's two versus Oklahoma in 2001.

- Georgia Southern gained more yards against Alabama in one game (341) than LSU did in two (331).

- Every recruiting class Nick Saban has had since coming to LSU in 2000 has experienced a national championship.

- LSU will have beaten the Pac-12 and Big East champions as well as the National Champions during the regular season.

- The Tigers will drop to 4-1 in BCS bowls. West Virginia will take over top spot for wins without a loss at 3-0 after their Orange Bowl victory.

- Marquis Maze's 49 yard punt return is the longest against LSU since Javier Arenas' 61yd TD return on Nov. 3, 2007. On Maze's punt return alone, LSU allowed eight times the number of yards they've given up total all season on punt returns.

- The SEC is now 8-1 in the championship game, with the lone loss coming to... the SEC.

- Alabama's defense finished the season by allowing just 106 points. They only gave up nine touchdowns all year, three on the ground and six through the air.

- 2001 Miami allowed 103 points and 2000 TCU allowed 106 in 11 games. Alabama allowed 106 with one extra game and finished the season giving up just 7.57 points per game.


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BCS National Championship Game stats of note

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 11:07 am

BCS National Championship Game stats of note

Woulda, shoulda, coulda....come on guys....there needs to be a playoff, no doubt...BUT, the rub here is that NONE of the teams you mentioned played any fricking defense all year....Boise...come on....nuff said....Stanford....great let's not leave out OSU....the more Gundy talks the more he sets himself up for the is a GREAT offensive football team, playing in a conference of GREAT offensive football teams and NONE of them can play any defense worth a hoot....say what you want, but OSU would NOT have beaten LSU....Only ONE team could beat LSU this year and it was BAMA....BAMA would have beaten OSU without a doubt....yes, OSU would have gained some passing yardage, but OSU is one-dimensional....13 yards rushing against Stanford?......Bama would have eaten them alive...shut down the run....throw a defensive package with disguises and Weeden would have been throwing picks all night long.....

I believe we need a playoff...I don't think it will change the result much.  The SEC is the dominant league in football and the rest of the college football world is scrambling to catch up.  The top 4 teams in Total Defense are SEC teams....the best players are coming to the SEC, year in and year out.....The Big 10, Pac 12 and Big 12 are all finding problems being relevant.....the harder they try, the farther they fall behind.....There is no end in sight...a playoff will create some extra game will increase the chances of another team having the opportunity to "break" the stranglehold that the SEC has on the BCS.

Until that happens, let's give BAMA and the SEC it's due.  OSU can crow all day and night that THEY deserved to be can they make that claim?  Beating Stanford in OT, after Stanford missed a field goal... and giving up 600 yards of total offense is NOT Championship material.  A great offense and a lousy defense does NOT a champion make.  The rest of the country is scrambling to catch up.  Until someone beats the SEC in the BCS Title game, they ARE the BEST.     

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BCS National Championship Game stats of note

The King, of what? Arrogance and Stupidity? You don't know squat about football except how to be a poor LOSER! RDT!

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BCS National Championship Game stats of note

Congrats to Bama, Geaux Tigers!

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BCS National Championship Game stats of note

a shutout. it proved to me that the top rated team in the country. did not have a very good quarter back. at the end he ws so confused . he couldnt find anybody open, and if he did see them he could not throw it straight. that is why they have back up quarterbacks. the mad hatter did not use his 36 days very wisely. obviosly he did not motivate the team.

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BCS National Championship Game stats of note

College Football is a sham run by the talking heads at ESPN.  This game was simply atrocious and you can bet Boise, OSU, Stanford would have given LSU a game and probably won. 

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