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Chris Petersen: Not a fan of the BCS

Posted on: December 5, 2011 3:29 pm
Posted by Tom Fornelli

With the BCS bowl selections coming out on Sunday, despite the fact that Boise State finished the regular season ranked seventh in the BCS, Chris Petersen's Broncos are headed to the Las Vegas Bowl to face Arizona State. Meanwhile, two teams who finished below Boise State in the rankings, Michigan and Virginia Tech, will meet in the Sugar Bowl.

Well, as you can imagine, though Peterson is looking forward to his team's game against Arizona State and appreciates that his team gets to play an opponent from a BCS conference this season, he's not exactly a huge fan of the BCS system. He didn't hide his feelings about the subject while talking to reporters on Monday, either.

"I got to tell you, I'm even tired of the BCS, even [the] name," said Petersen.

"I think everybody is just very tired of the BCS, that's the bottom line. Everybody's frustrated, nobody really knows what to do anymore. It doesn't make sense. I don't think any one is happy, anywhere. They say it's the one and two best teams, there's even controversy on that. The whole thing needs to be changed there's no question about it."

Petersen then went on to talk about some ways to change the current system, including the implementation of a "plus-one" system and changing the way rankings are done.

"I think the best model is something like the basketball guys do," he said. "Where you get a committee who is ranking these teams all throughout the year, and every week you see where they are. Maybe it's halfway through the season you start ranking them and things just fall out. Like we said, ranking them early makes no sense. Then you pare the bowls down, there's too many bowls, and then you play a "plus-one." You get the top four teams, and it's still subjective, but at least it's closer. Right now nothing makes any sense."

While I'm not sure about the committee -- who is on it and where do their loyalties lie? -- I completely agree with Petersen on the aspect of preseason rankings. I've always felt those were some of the stupidest things we do in the world of college football. How in the world we're supposed to rank teams we haven't even seen play yet is just baffling, and they have a huge impact on how the rankings look the rest of the season.

I mean, what would the voters of the coaches poll have thought of Oklahoma State if the Cowboys hadn't began the season ranked 8th while Alabama was 2nd? You've already declared Alabama better than Oklahoma State without seeing a single play, and that perception sticks all season.

As for the "plus-one," I've generally been in support of that idea as well, though that's not entirely fair either. Particularly in a season like the one we've just had. LSU has already proven that it is the best team in the country, and deserves its berth in the title game. Why should it now have to beat Stanford or somebody else to get there?

Though at the same time you could ask why LSU needs to beat Alabama twice to prove the same thing. 

You can hear the audio of Petersen's entire interview here

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 11:15 pm

Chris Petersen: Not a fan of the BCS

I think you have lost your mind.  Did Florida not blowout and I mean absolutely embarrass Ohio State a few years ago for the National Title.  Did Bama not embarrass Penn St. just earlier this year.  The speed in the SEC wins out hands down against any other conf.  Look at the last ten years.  Or go back to 98 when the Vols won the first ever BCS title.  The BCS has been dominated by the SEC.  Saban even won with LSU, went to Miami, came back to the SEC and within 3 years won another National Title with Another SEC team.  Pure domination over the last decade.  Deal with it and quit haten on the SEC.  I am a football fan.  I like Oregan, Boise St., West Virginia, but at the end of the day, I give the SEC their props.  No other conf has been more impressive.  And btw, you have to admit that the BCS is alot better than about fifteen, give or take, yrs ago, that the winner of the Florida, Miami, Florida St. games went to the National title game.  Now that was ridiculous.  We have come along way since then.  Ohio St has had their chances.  They beat up a WEAK Big 10 then make it to the big show just to get destroyed.  Oklahoma is overrated.  Oregon can't win the big one. Let's not even talk about the Big Least.

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 6:19 pm

Chris Petersen: Not a fan of the BCS

JK, did Michigan win their conference? Did they even finish 2nd? Did VT? Did they lose to lesser teams? Coach Pete is not talking about the NCG. He is upset because this senior class at BSU has gone 49-3 and only lost those three games by a total of 5 points, all to ranknd teams. They got to play in one BCS Bowl. That is what Pete is upset about. This is about money, not losing to a "lesser" team.

As far as Coach Patterson goes, by that logic, I bet June Jones is really mad at Gary. Where did he rank Baylor? Think before you speak.

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 4:03 pm

Chris Petersen: Not a fan of the BCS

Since when is TCU (the team that beat Boise St.) a cupcake? And how has Oklahoma St. not proven anything? Im not saying the Big 12 is as strong as it usually is but its still the second best conference in college football. OSU absolutely murdered an OU team that isn't up to its usual standard but they're still a top 15 team.

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 3:51 pm

Chris Petersen: Not a fan of the BCS

Ok, here's the bottom line.  The BCS could be revamped. I don't think anyone would disagree with that.  But, as far as Boise St. is concerned, they are a great football team with an impressive resume. They have proven themselves on the big stage with wins against Oklahoma a few years ago and even against Georgia earlier this year.  Facts are facts though and that being said, Boise has lost to some cupcakes too.  Nevada late last year and another loss again this year.  Oklahoma St. has the same argument, but they lost to a cupcake too.  Oklahoma St. really hasn't proved anything yet though.  They haveotten better over the past few years, but year in and year out are what voters (BCS) are looking for.  Boise kept winning and made it to a Fiesta Bowl.  But then they lost to a cupcake and fell far enough out to not be able to climb back into a National Title hunt.  For them they would have to most likely go undefeated several years in a row to make a #1 or #2 BCS appearance.  Their conference is light enough for them to do so, but they tend to fall just short one game a year.  The SEC teams go to war each and every week.  You have some bottom SEC teams, like Kentucky in recent yrs and even Tennessee that would go to some of the other conf and dominate.  Big East is not a power conf with usually only West Virginia consistant every year.  Big 12 has an overrated Oklahoma team every yr but then who else.  The PAC 10/12 has an up and down USC team and an Oregan team that seems to fall just short one game a year.  SEC is loaded from top to bottom.  The East dominated for yrs particularly Tennessee and Florida.  Recently it has been the West, with LSU, even down is as good as any body in the country.  Bama, dominate since Saban has taken over and even ARK since the arrival of Petrino.  No other conf has been more consistant.  The two best teams in the country are playing for the title this year.  The first meeting was just what it was supposed to be.  Two great defenses proving they were two great defenses.  LSU has beaten everybody by like 30 all yr.  Bama the same way.  So they had a defensive battle when they played each other, big deal.  I wish they would let Oklahoma St. play for the title, then it would be a blowout and everybody would shutup.  Let Boise play LSU, that would be a blowout and everybody would have to be quiet then.  The SEC is just in a league of their own right now.  Deal with it people and be quiet.  I think that you could fix some of the problems if you had to play top 25 teams each week.  Let each conf Big Dog or couple Big Dogs sched big names outside their conf.  Boise did so and beat Georgia, but then fell short against a cupcake.  LSU did so and beat everybody by 30.  This years title game is right.  My only question to the BCS is:   What happens if Bama wins?  Do they split the title or what?  LSU already proved they were better on that given day.  We will see.

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 3:25 pm

Chris Petersen: Not a fan of the BCS

Perhaps we could interest Chris Petersen in a box of tissues.  Boo Hoo.  Join a real conference instead of the pansy-ass one you are in and maybe BSU will be taken seriously

Why? Va Tech, Clemson, and West Virginia arent in 'real'  conferences either and they get free passes to BCS games. VaTech hasnt beaten a single team all year in the top 30 and they get a free pass to a BCS bid.

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 3:24 pm

Chris Petersen: Not a fan of the BCS

I guarantee if the SEC played in the north they get 8 wins a year, maybe.

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 2:55 pm

Chris Petersen: Not a fan of the BCS

Perhaps we could interest Chris Petersen in a box of tissues.  Boo Hoo.  Join a real conference instead of the pansy-ass one you are in and maybe BSU will be taken seriously.

Cry me a freaking river.

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 2:44 pm

Chris Petersen: Not a fan of the BCS

4)  Why should the SEC and other major conferences, who are MAJOR cash cows, have to even allow little teams like Boise State into the money pool?  Bottom line, they aren't needed.  The SEC could from their own league tomorrow and draw more money than the NCAA without the SEC.  There's SEC garb all over the country - I live in the Northeast, and every one I know has a favorite SEC team. They are like the NFL, they extend beyond any cultural boundary.

Still don't know how it works do you? You don't think 'Bama and LSU make money for Vandy and Kentucky? Don't tell me basketball either. There were only 14 D-1 teams that made significant money in basketball and Vandy wasn't one of them. Football is the money maker and the teams at the top have fed the ones at the bottom for many years and it's that way in EVERY conference.

5)  So again, if Boise, Houston, etc. don't have the fan base to make the money needed to play with the big boys, why should the colleges who carry all the money-making burden have to give up their money making spots for them?  Really...I've never seen a Houston hat in PA...but I've seen plenty of Florida, Alabama, LSU and yes, even Texas (Texas being the only Big 12 garb I see) hats.

I went to Arizona twice. Atlanta, Texas twice to see Boise games. Boise State has a HUGE national following. Let me give you an example.... According to The Collegiate Licensing Co. (they are the official company of anything in collegiate apparel), Boise State was ranked #38 in total athletic apparel sales of all D-1 schools. Our whole state has less people than some of the schools ranked below us do in their home cities!! Go figure. Try again. Maybe Boise can help out a little more than you thought.

I just find it absolutely hilarious sometime, how people like you, try so hard the impotance of any team or anything that doesn't fit your way of thinking. the game is changing. The entire conference structure is morphing right under our noses. Everyone, every team, every conference, the BCS and the NCAA are going to have to come to some consensus or it could totally ruin this game that we all obviously care a lot about. 

Believe me, I can guarantee you Boise has a bigger fan base than more than half of the FBS schools. Try again.        

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 2:40 pm

Chris Petersen: Not a fan of the BCS

Chris Peterson is dead on.  The BCS is a sham!!  How do you keep BSU and KSU out of a BCS Bowl?!?!?!

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Posted on: December 6, 2011 2:39 pm

Chris Petersen: Not a fan of the BCS

Um, please check your facts before posting.   7 Big East teams won their first round games (actually they are officially 2nd round games now), Marquette made it to the Sweet 16, and UConn won it all.  

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