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AP: Joe Paterno to retire at season's end

Posted on: November 8, 2011 12:33 pm
Edited on: November 9, 2011 1:37 pm

Posted by Jerry Hinnen and Adam Jacobi

UPDATE - Nov. 9: The Associated Press is reporting that Joe Paterno has decided to retire at the end of the season.  

As the amount of alleged victims in the Jerry Sandusky case climbs rapidly, reports are emerging that Penn State head coach Joe Paterno's coaching career will soon come to an end. Official support for Paterno is reportedly "eroding," even as Nittany Lion fans rally in support of the longtime coach. 

The New York Times reported Tuesday that Paterno's 46 years as Nittany Lion head coach "will soon be over, perhaps within days or weeks." According to two sources familiar with top administrative discussions who spoke to the Times, talks to determine "how to manage his departure have begun."

"The board of trustees has yet to determine the precise timing of Paterno’s exit," the Times writes, "but it is clear that the man who has more victories than any other coach at college football’s top level and who made Penn State a prestigious brand will not survive to coach another season."

At least one person has come forward to dispute the Times report. Joe's son Scott Paterno said at a gathering of reporters at the Paterno household on Tuesday afternoon that "nobody has asked Joe [Paterno] to step down" and that Paterno would be coaching at Nebraska this weekend.

"There has been no contact about anything to do with anybody stepping down," said Scott. "The status quo holds. It's the same as it's always been. He's the coach at Penn State. When there's more to add I will."

Later, at Paterno's home, a crowd of hundreds gathered in an impromptu rally for the embattled head coach. Cries of "we love you, Joe" and chants of "Let Joe stay" peppered the air. Paterno emerged from his house to give a brief statement, but did not answer questions. 

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The Associated Press, citing an unnamned source close to the situation, reports Paterno's support among the Penn State board of trustees was "eroding," but that the final consequences of that lack of trust were still unclear. That source also indicated that Penn State president Graham Spanier was also the subject of waning confidence by the board, but again: the extent to which that support was fading and what that might ultimately mean isn't clear yet.

What is known, however, is that the Penn State board of trustees held an emergency meeting Tuesday night. Chairman Steve Garban acknowledged to the Associated Press that the board was "in session" when asked. A person who spoke on condition of anonymity because the schedule was not made public said the trustees were having a teleconference Tuesday evening.

The Board of Trustees released a statement Tuesday expressing outrage over the “horrifying details” of the Sandusky case. The board announced it would form a committee to investigate the “circumstances that gave rise” to the case. The statement did not mention the job status of Paterno or Spanier.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged that the number of alleged victims in the Sandusky case is growing after the state attorney general and police commissioner publicized two phone numbers to help potential victims contact investigators. According to Fox 29 in Philadelphia, the number of alleged victims has more than doubled in just one day and as of Tuesday evening, approaches 20. Sandusky has yet to be charged in any of the new allegations that are coming in.

Paterno was scheduled to speak at a press conference Tuesday morning, but the conference was canceled, reportedly by Spanier. The Times later reported that Paterno will not hold an off campus press conference as was rumored. Paterno did coach Tuesday's practice.

According to the grand jury report that charges Sandusky with 40 counts of sex crimes against minors, Paterno was told of an incident involving Sandusky in a Penn State locker room in 2002 and reported that incident to his superiors But the head coach allegedly made no further effort to follow up on the incident as Sandusky enjoyed continued access to PSU facilities.

In a statement, NCAA president Mark Emmert said that the Sandusky scandal "is a criminal matter under investigation by law enforcement authorities and I will not comment on details."

"However, I have read the grand jury report and find the alleged assaults appalling," said Emmert. "As a parent and an educator, the notion that anyone would use a position of trust to prey on children is despicable. My thoughts and concern goes out to the alleged victims and their families."

State police commissioner Frank Noonan said Monday that Paterno fulfilled his legal obligations and was in no danger of being charged with any criminal wrongdoing, but that he felt the 84-year-old coach had not lived up to his moral obligations.

"Somebody has to question about what I would consider the moral requirements for a human being that knows of sexual things that are taking place with a child," Noonan said. "I think you have the moral responsibility, anyone. Not whether you're a football coach or a university president or the guy sweeping the building. I think you have a moral responsibility to call us."

For more on the story, here's this week's edition of the Doddcast.'s Dennis Dodd talks about the Penn State situation, Joe Paterno's legacy and potential replacements for Paterno, among other college football topics. You can subscribe to this podcast in the iTunes store

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AP: Joe Paterno to retire at season's end

Texasjack, Bowden and FSU had wins taken away because of NCAA rules violations.  Players the NCAA deemed should have been academically ineligible were allowed to play.  This is pretty clear cut and really has nothing to do with "east coast elites".

What Paterno and several others at Penn St did was fail to bring in the authorities to stop a pedophile.  Yes they failed to protect children who were unable to protect themselves, but this is not an NCAA violation.  There is no reason for the NCAA to strip Penn St of victories.  To take things a step further, this issue goes beyond Penn St.  The authorities were involved in the incidents that led to Sandusky being forced into retirement in 1999.  They let the kids down too. 

From my standpoint, Penn St should clean house as a result of this debacle.  JoePa has already made things easy on everyone by announcing his retirement at the end of the season.  I'm good with that.  I know there was a good chance this would have been Paterno's last year anyway...his contract expires after this season, but PSU is 8-1 right now so there was a good possibility he would have been retained.  The real punishment for Paterno is his otherwise exemplary career will forever be tainted

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AP: Joe Paterno to retire at season's end

To place this in the hands of the NCAA is missing the point entirely. He won't vacate any wins and the program will see no punishment because it was not a violation or crime against the NCAA. It was a horrid crime against every fiber of human decency and all those who heard about it and didn't make sure it stopped should be fired, prosecuted and put in jail. However, to expect the governing body of college football to step in and place sanctions on PSU is not going to happen. I don't like PSU at all, and this does not help, but the punishments that need to be handed down will be coming from the courts and legal system, not the NCAA.

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Posted on: November 9, 2011 1:53 pm

AP: Joe Paterno to retire at season's end

Ahhh.. how many wins will Paterno have taken away from him..Wait a minute..Bobby Bowden had to give up 10 or so victories because of academic problems/cheating by the players and he did not know about it..but was punished anyway by the east coast elites.
Paterno knew about those poor kids.....but he will come out intact

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AP: Joe Paterno to retire at season's end

Anybody that is attempting to defend JoePa needs to see his own quote from today.  "I wish I had done more", is what he said.  Sounds to me like he is admitting that he didn't handle the situation properly, which is exactly what everyone is saying on this and the other boards.  Even JoePa himself is admitting he was wrong so please quit wasting your energy on misguided dedication to PSU.  I admire your dedication to your university, but don't let it cloud your judgment of what the end result was in this situation.  Children were hurt because of poor judgment by many adults, both in the university and out.  I don't see how it can be looked at any other way.

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AP: Joe Paterno to retire at season's end

You need to read the 23 page Grand Jury endictment.  The only people who got raw deals here are the kids who were victims of these self serving adults who's only thoughts were that of saving their own reputations.  So Joe reported it to his superiors yeah, that's great but these are pretty serious accusations from a 28 year old eyewitness who didn't have the common sense to stop the act and call police right away.  Why wouldn't Joe follow up with his superiors on a such a serious matter these are defenseless children we are talking about!  Joe didn't care how this turned out?  Joe wouldn't be curious to know if one of his fromer coaches was committing the most hanious crime imagineable in his own locker rooom?  Joe just turns it over to his AD and that's good enough for him?  That's a joke, Joe Paterno's job first and foremost is to provide a safe haven and protect young people who are on that campus.  I don't care how many wins Joe Paterno has in his career at PSU the most important victory of his life was a huge loss and that was when he could have put a stop to Sanduski's raping of innocent children!! 

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AP: Joe Paterno to retire at season's end

Umm Willie (aka Matlock), sounds like you have this thing all wrapped Bush and the weapons of mass destruction. Why dont you let the facts play out before you end a collegiate football program...., how about going after the President of the School? Sounds like a better constituent than the football coach, thats like saying we should go after Andy Dalton b/c Cedric Benson punched someone else at a night club. I dont condone any of this and would never want my children to be exposed to such horrifics but why dont you ask the DA why they didnt do anything in 1998? Its twisted and there is a lot more relatively important people involved that should be inquired of before going straight to the football coach. Joe makes headlines, thats why his name is more spattered than Sandusky's at this moment, media 101 rookie.

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AP: Joe Paterno to retire at season's end

First of all, his contract expires at seasons end. The
Univesity must let him go, NOW. “With the
benefit of hindsight, I wish I had done more."
Are you kidding me?
That statement admits knowing and covering it up! Real simple! Not that he took
part in any of those horrible acts but, he was an enabler, he knew it happened and
did NOTHING to stop Sandusky from coming on the grounds of Penn State. Guilty
of continuing to let that monster rape young boys by not doing the morally
right thing.  Shame on you Penn State and

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Posted on: November 9, 2011 10:56 am

AP: Joe Paterno to retire at season's end

It's unfortunate that a man that many would place on the Mount Rushmore of college football is going out like this. (Please read this next part as it is intended...I understand 100% that the two are NOT AT ALL at the same level, but...) It's like when Woody Hayes' career ended because of his poor decision. A career that is marked with so many highs and greatness will now forever be remembered by the way it ended. Now, Woody hit a player which was wrong but it was certainly not as disgusting as this story. Joe needs to just step aside for the good of the school and the football program. He is showing his unbelievable arrogance and stubborness by "retiring" at the end of the season. And I feel bad for the players on the Penn State team. They have done nothing wrong in this instance, but will be the ones who hear it on Saturday, have to deal with the questions and will deal with most of the public vitriol because Joe and the administration will stay hidden.
This is such a sad and truly upsetting story, no matter who you root for. This is so far beyond the scope of the NCAA and every single person who had knowledge of what was happening and did not do everything they could to stop it should be and will be judged.

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