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Buckeye booster takes responsibility for payments

Posted on: September 14, 2011 12:42 pm
Edited on: September 14, 2011 12:50 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

A Cleveland-area Ohio State booster has admitted "responsibility" for the $200 payments at a charity event that led to the two-game suspensions of Buckeyes Corey Brown, Travis Howard and Jordan Hall. He also revealed how those payments were delivered--by none other than ex-Buckeye Terrelle Pryor, who gave the three suspended players envelopes with the cash inside.

The booster, Robert DiGeronimo, told the Columbus Post-Dispatch that the money was intended to be used as reimbursement for the three players' travel expenses. Brown, Howard and Hall received the money at an Independence, Ohio fundraiser for the charity Cornerstone of Hope, which was founded by DiGeronimo's son-in-law and on whose Board of Directors DiGeronimo serves.

However, DiGeronimo would not admit to having provided the money himself nor describe how Pryor had obtained it.

"However the money got there ... it did not come from Cornerstone," DiGeronimo told the Dispatch. "However Mr. Pryor got the money, I take responsibility. I am responsible for those kids coming up here from Columbus. I handled it wrong. I should not have handled it the way I did."

Two other unnamed current OSU players told the Dispatch they had also been in attendance at the fundraiser, but had not received any money. The players' appearances at the fundraiser had not been approved by the Ohio State compliance office

Brown, Howard and Hall were reinstated yesterday after repaying the $200 to an unidentified charity, and will be eligible for this week's visit to Miami. But the NCAA also confirmed that its investigation into Ohio State is ongoing--and with the obvious questions that surround why Terrelle Pryor was walking around with envelopes full of money at a fundraising event largely organized by an admitted Buckeye booster-slash-superfan, it's easy to see why.

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Buckeye booster takes responsibility for payments

Look, I know you must hating being a fan of the one of the biggest cheating programs in NCAA history, but honestly as you guys got a slap on the wrist no other school would have gotten, please stop complaining.  I think the entire nation is tire of hearing Ohio State cry about being "persecuted" while never ackowledging what the program could do differently going forward to prevent a repeat - but that can't happen until you homers admit the obvious - you cheated often, and with impunity, lied about, and now you want to cry.  Man up and grow a pair.

Biggest cheating program in history?  Hardly!  This stuff at OSU pales in comparison to SMU and much of the old SWC, not to mention Bama and much of the SEC. Miami anyone?  Sheesh!! 

Where do you come up with this "slap on the wrist" garbage?  The NCAA has not ruled on the current issues at OSU.  So how do you know that the punishment is mild?  The fact is, you don't.  None of us do, so once again, you are full of crap.
Good lord man, I plainly stated "one of the", not the biggest.  Stop fighting shadows.  I said slap on the wrist because thus far that is what it has been.  After the fab 5 got to play in the bowl game (while AJ Green couldn't), we all knew the punishment would be far below what it should be.  And we all still believe that.

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Buckeye booster takes responsibility for payments

Miles suspended his starting QB for the year defending himself at a bar before he had even been arrested - no other coach, especially not an Ohio State coach, would ever do it. 

Oh gosh, what a surprise to find skreffty badmouthing OSU on an OSU thread.  (I commented on last night's LSU-MSU game this morning and suddenly skreffty labels me as a troll.  Is I said in that thread, I know hypocrisy when I see it.)

Defending himself at a bar?  What part of defending yourself at a bar involves jerking a dude out of his truck with the help of about a dozen team mates, then proceed to kick his teeth down his throat?  Who would have guessed that none of the football players got hurt, but the dude the QB kicked wound up in the hospital with broken vertibrae and missing teeth.  Quit with the holier-than-thou garbage, skreffty, because in this case you are absolutely full of crap.  This is a level of douchery I can't believe even you would stoop to.

BTW, it took the police at least a week to charge the guy.  Of course Miles suspended him before he was arrested.  And just to prove you wrong, Tressel suspended his starting QB for the last 2 scheduled games of his career over a DUI (bad, but no felony).  Clarett never played another down for OSU for far less.  So once again, skreffty, you are full of crap.
I don't think anyone is surprised to se me bashing cheaters, because I consistently do it.  Yes, I called you a troll because you were trolling.  Saying that LSU doeasn't have a defense after that incredible performance is nothing more than stirring the pot looking for emotional reactions, also known as trolling.  My anti-cheating message has been strong and consistent across all schools.

Now on to Jefferson.  He had nothing to do with the guy pulled out of the truck.  Nothing.  He was witnessed kicking the other guy in the head that had attacked him, hence self-defense.  Excessive force on the defense?  Probably, but if you don't want your head kicked in don't yell racial epitaths and swing at football players just to look tough.  Regardless, he broke rules, was arrested and should be suspended (culpability we call that down here). 

The guy in the truck, the one honking his horn and yelling the N word repeatedly, that was pulled out and beaten we all now know was the dishonorably discharged marines best buddy.  It was planned.  Jefferson will be found innocent and it will be sad for him, but if he hadn;t broken curfew he wouldn't have been in that position.

2 games only for a DWI?  Talk about light punishment.  Again, Tressel suspended him two games for much worse AFTER the arrest, while Miles suspended Jefferson for the entire season BEFORE the arrest.  So who is full of crap yet again?  I don't get why cheating is okay for you and not for anyone else, I just don't get it.

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Buckeye booster takes responsibility for payments

Maybe it just needs to be explained in a way Ohio State fans can understand. theYour thePlayers theAre theIn theTrouble theAgain. There.. theThat should theTake care of theThat. Cool
Freaking perfect!  i don't know about you but I like being a of a school that everyone knows is the only one of.  It must suck having to be one of many OSUs out there.  Think of all that cheating with multiple OSOs...

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Buckeye booster takes responsibility for payments

Last time I checked, $200 was less than $2500 (Shariff Floyd).  Two games for both offenses.  Seems fair.

Interesting.  I had never even heard about that incident.  Of course, if Ohio State had been involved in any way, it would have been sports talk fodder for weeks.  I have pointed this next one out before.  Google "201 Alabama student athletes" and see what you get.  Yes, two hundred one.  The sports news community hardly sniffed that one.  

I'd also like to clear up a couple of misconceptions about this charity event.  As dumb as the whole incident was, it happened February 19. This is not some new incident.  It just came to light recently and the university reported it and suspended the players as is appropriate. 

This is not some violation that was perpetrated by any OSU official, and it is not reasonable to assume they had any knowledge of it until they found out about it and reported it.  The one official at OSU who is known to have covered anything up, Jim Tressel, has been fired and is gone from the program.
I knew I would find a great example of "two wrongs make a right" argumentation. and here we have a winner.  "We did it, but since other schools do to it is okay".  What is this, third grade?

You also realize that if it happened yesterday or February has zero baring on punishment?  A violation is a violation.  It doesn't somehow get lumped together with the other 40 or so charges that led to you guys losing a scholarship for a quarter against Appalachian State or whoever.  It is a new offense as far as discovery goes.  Being that Ohio State is on probation, this should be treated much more harshly.  But this being Ohio State, it won't of course.  If I were a Boise State or Clemson fan I would be going crazy at the massive disparity in punishments handed out.  It appears Pryor gave cash to someone at the NCAA also.

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Buckeye booster takes responsibility for payments

Buckeye booster takes responsibility for payments You said something about buying players and letting cheaters play.  That applies to many, many schools (especially Ohio State - they are like the Barry Bonds of college football but without the awards), but as he is an LSU fan it obviously doesn't apply to him.  LSU self-reports and suspends guys whose offenses pale in comparison to the cash and drugs buckeye players get.  Miles suspended his starting QB for the year defending himself at a bar before he had even been arrested - no other coach, especially not an Ohio State coach, would ever do it.  In fact Tressell would have lied about it on numerous occasions even though the school president knew all about it.

Yes I did say it to a LSU fan, the school who paid for "recruiting material" and is being investigated for that and who let a kid who cheated on a test play in the bowl game and get no punishment at all.  I knew who it was and what school and it did apply to him.  The LSU athletic program did not report the cheating a "rogue" teacher did.  Miles suspended his starting QB because he was getting felony charges that is why, it was a no brainer.  I would say that tOSU would do the same but we do not seem to have the true criminals and felons that seem to be the norm down south.
Yes, we prudently paid for recruiting material on Mettenberg.  We have admitted it.  The ESPN female reporter has already recanted the fact that it was useless - she had no idea she was looking at Mettenberg's highschool tapes.  Cheated on a test and played in a bowl?  I think you have your schools mixed up Hoss.  The lengths you guys go through to make your myriad and plethora violations that run the gambit from lying to trafficking narcotics seem ok.  Here is a suggestion: introspection and accountability.  Try it some time.

Now explain to my how Pryor, your tattoo booster, and Clarett (to scratch the service) aren't "real" felons and criminals.  So the severity or genuiness of a crime is now determined by the location in which it is committed - huh?  I'm sure you realize how asinine that sounds.  Another suggestion: less peresonal attacks and more evidence.

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Posted on: September 16, 2011 11:15 pm

Buckeye booster takes responsibility for payments

This article is worth reading:

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Buckeye booster takes responsibility for payments

I've read the original post several times over the last couple of days and most of the responses that have come through so far.  I hardly know what to say.  What is there to argue about here?  Clearly, what the players did was against NCAA rules.  According to Ohio State, these players were well schooled in the NCAA rules, but they broke them anyway.  The OSU compliance office "had not approved" the players' appearance and was apparently clueless (yet again).  A "Buckeye booster/superfan" has admitted "responsibility" for getting the money (conveniently placed in envelopes) for Terrelle Pryor to distribute but won't say where the money came from.  This admission is both arrogant and foolish.  It simply confirms what everyone except some Ohio State fans have come to believe about the OSU football team.  Arguments like "gee whiz, these are just young kids who didn't know better" to "how could the University know about an event 130 miles away" to "it was only $200--it's a dumb rule" to "the players couldn't turn down the money because they are poor" are all spurious and shameless.  When the players took the money, they KNOWINGLY broke the NCAA rules they had agreed to abide by.  Case closed. Even the Buckeye fans who continue to act as apologists cannot dispute these facts.  I can't believe that there is a player on the OSU team who doesn't know this is forbidden after all that happened last year and after the controversy surrounding the bowl game in December and January.  Is there a player on any D-1 team that doesn't know that taking money from someone (especially a player who is under scrutiny himself) breaks the rules? Hearing about such behavior makes me think that this kind of rule breaking is endemic at Ohio State, that it's the culture there, and I'm not alone.  Are the players really as stupid as this incident makes them look, or have they simply been led to believe that they'll get away with it?  These are the questions driving the continuing NCAA scrutiny. It's also what keeps the Buckeye fans who REALLY care about the university they love up at night.   


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Buckeye booster takes responsibility for payments

Primetime, thank you for the timeline, but you left out a few points

* Once OSU learned about Clarett's receiving improper benefits, it was more than just a season long suspension.  He never played for OSU again.

* There were no NCAA allegations regarding the Professor who gave Clarett an oral exam.  The reason being, she did the same thing with numerous other students who were not athletes.

* Clarett was no longer a student at OSU long before he broke bad.  Blaming OSU for his crimes is like blaming USC for OJ.  It just does not hold water.

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