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Police report: witness ID'd Jefferson as kicker

Posted on: August 25, 2011 3:14 pm
Edited on: August 25, 2011 5:01 pm
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

It's one thing for a television station to report that witnesses have idenitified Jordan Jefferson as the person who kicked a man in the head during a parking lot bar fight. It's another thing for the official police report to confirm that witnesses have told their officers the same thing.

But that's the case for Jefferson and LSU, as RapidReporter Glenn Guilbeau reports. Per the Baton Rouge police report of the incident outside Shady's bar, a female witness has told BRPD she "knows for certain that she observed Jordan Jefferson kick in the face" a man identified as Andrew Lowery.  According to the witness, Lowery intervened when -- as he has also told police himself -- several LSU players pulled another victim from a black pickup truck and began to beat him.

According to the accounts of both Lowery and the witness, several of those players -- including Jefferson and reserve linebacker Josh Johns -- then attacked Lowery, leading to Jefferson's kick to Lowery's face. The witness also told police she could identify other LSU players present if offered photos to choose from.

Though BRPD has not yet confirmed it, it now seems obvious why officers confiscated 49 pairs of Jefferson's shoes in a Wednesday visit to his apartment; a DNA match between blood on those shoes and Lowery's (or another victim's) would, hypothetically, help confirm the accounts of both Lowery and the witness. According to a source sepaking to the Times-Picayune, police may also be attempting to match Jefferson's footprint to one found on a shirt of one victim.

At this point, it's still far too early to assume any guilt on Jefferson's (or any LSU player's) part. It's still too early to even assume an arrest is forthcoming, given that some witnesses' accounts have differed wildly from the ones offered by Lowery and the witness in question above.

This story from the Baton Rouge Advocate also won't help Lowery's credibility. It reports that -- in a remarkable twist -- his girlfriend has filed a "petition for protection from abuse" stating that earlier that same night, Lowery has tracked her to a bar, "cursed and yelled at her," and struck one of her friends.

It remains worth notingm however, that police spokesman Donald Stone has stated repeatedly he expects charges to be filed once the investigation is complete. What it's not too early to assume is that police have an eyewitness account that could put Jefferson in jeopardy of serious assault charges, and that they're making an effort to corroborate that account.

It's not an exaggeration to say LSU's season could hang in the balance of whether they find that corroboration or not.


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Police report: witness ID'd Jefferson as kicker

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Police report: witness ID'd Jefferson as kicker

You don't have to be a genius to figure out that hanging out at a bar named "Shady's" is likely to get you into trouble. Jefferson is a complete idiot. If he's got any brain at all, the reason they confiscated 49 pairs of shoes is because he threw pair number 50 in a dumpster to dispose of DNA evidence. And to the LSU faithful who are trying to find any reason to defend JJ, there is obviously some home-cooking going on here, but not likely enough to keep him from being charged. The two bar owners who don't even claim to have seen the beginning of the fight or parts of the fight after that swear that Lowery threw the first punch. How the hell would they know that? And their story directly contradicts that of a woman who seems to have seen everything, and now the police say her story matches other witnesses' accounts. I'm sure the guys running the bar have a vested interest in protecting the local heroes, but they're not very convincing. And TigerJon, every LSU poster seems to be concerned that too much police attention is being paid to this matter. If you had 3 fractured vertebrae from being beaten by multiple people for being a good samaritan, I think you'd want some justice too... Lowery may have woman problems but that doesnt mean he was beaten excessively for any good reason. I haven't heard any reports that his girlfriend's friend was hospitalized with injuries that could've paralyzed her.

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Police report: witness ID'd Jefferson as kicker

I thought only chicks had 49 pairs of shoes.  I'm impresssed

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Police report: witness ID'd Jefferson as kicker

Cav guy - love that post.  That's the most likely scenario.  At least LSU put a real non conference game on the schedule this year, before they go back the playing High School teams.  And they are actually travelling all the way to Dallas too!!  LSU better start watching curfew to get rest, lest those Ducks run em ragged by halftime

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Police report: witness ID'd Jefferson as kicker

Les Miles is a kick.  22 players broke curfew, 4 are involved in a parking lot brawl.  So Coach declares a "team violation" and does what any Pop Warner coach would do - line em up and run everybody.  Forget about punishment or consequences, just penalize 80 innocent guys for the actions of 22 supposed team leaders.  Great for team unity!! What a dum a**.  No players code of conduct, no discipline.  Here we go again.  No wonder the Pac-12 got a bigger TV deal.  Who outside the small towns in the SEC want to watch guys who shouuld be in jail? P.S. Orwegon actuallhy SUSPENDS players who misbehave, regardless of who they are (Masoli, Blount, Harris)

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Police report: witness ID'd Jefferson as kicker

f you and them sorry ass cavs

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Posted on: August 25, 2011 10:22 pm

it's still far too early to assume any guilt?

How clueless do you have to be to make such a stupid statement?  You're not assuming anything when you have multiple witnesses saying the same thing.  You don't have to shelf common sense here.  None of the players are claiming nothing happened.  The guy who was trying to help someonhe who was pulled from his vehicle by a group, and wound up needing medical treatment for a reason.  He is the kind of guy you want around, because at the risk of his own life and limb, he stood up to the punks.  He may not have won the round, but he'll wind up winning the fight.  Every one of those fools that participated in his beating is going to be paying him out of whatever NFL money they happen to get.

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Police report: witness ID'd Jefferson as kicker

One other thing. I wouldn't be trashing the Cavaliers when you got a team about 80 miles SE of you in New Orleans that is on NBA welfare. But then again, New Orleans pretty much is nothing but a ghetto welfare war zone anyway. Ah, but they got Mardi Gras, and that makes it all better.

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Police report: witness ID'd Jefferson as kicker

They're not "my duckies". I can't stand the Ducks either. What I hate more is excuses, especially from the SEC, the South Eastern Cheaters. Oversigning? Ah, no big deal, that's just the way its done down here in the South. Committing a felony for kicking a US Marine in the head for stopping a fight? Small change. What's big news down in them thar parts is who is gonna play quarterbacks for 'dem Tigers. Geaux Tigers! You can call me a troll all you want, jackass. You're just trying to deflect the attention from the typical SEC thuggery. This year, it's LSU. Next year, it'll be some other school in the news for someone stealing another computer from a dorm room, or some parent taking bids for services in the good god almighty SEC.

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Police report: witness ID'd Jefferson as kicker

God, I thought Cavboy's rantings were goofy; then along comes Kato. You accuse others of "speculating" then you proceed to speculate your stupid little head off. I think JJ is probably guilty too; but there is certainly plenty of reason out there to question the stories of everyone involved. (It was a bar fight at 1:30, go figure.) But I'm not speculating one way or another, you are. All I know is that if Jefferson or anyone else was guilty of a crime; and the police put together a convincing case against him (which they are busting their arses to do), he will have to face the consequences. Your "speculation" that other players are going down is speculation that you created yourself; because all the public reports indicate that JJ is the only one even accused of anything other than misdemeanor assault. The only ones in denial are the Oregon trolls foaming at the mouth over this...because LSU is going to wipe the floor with them in Dallas with or without Jordan Jefferson.

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