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Chris Spielman: 'More stuff coming out' at OSU

Posted on: May 11, 2011 3:54 pm

Posted by Adam Jacobi

POP QUIZ: Will Jim Tressel be coaching at Ohio State next year? He's still employed by OSU, and he's not suspended for the entire year, so odds are pretty good that he'll be back in Columbus at this rate, right?

Yes, "at this rate." Unfortunately for Tressel and Ohio State, the bad news may not be over just yet. Current broadcaster and former award-winning Ohio State linebacker Chris Spielman told a crowd at a fundraiser yesterday that he thinks Tressel's gone -- and his prediction took an ominous tone shortly thereafter:

“I’d be surprised if he’s coaching next year (2011). Why I say that is I think there is more stuff coming out,” the Ohio State legend said.

Spielman did not offer an opinion about what should happen, but said Ohio State and its football coach are looking at tough decisions.

“He’s a friend of mine. I respect him. I would be honored if my son were ever good enough to have him play for a guy like Jim Tressel,” Spielman said.

“That being said, Ohio State is bigger than one individual. It’s bigger than the James Cancer Hospital. It’s bigger than the band and football and basketball and the Fisher College of Business. So what has to happen, in my opinion, is that the people in charge have to take an honest look and say, ‘What is best for the university moving forward?’ Then they have to make a hard decision." 

Graciously, blogger Tom Fornelli has decided not to accuse Spielman of plagiarism. We kid, we kid.

Back to the point, this is the awful limbo that Ohio State finds itself in. There are still months to go until the school faces the NCAA Committee on Infractions, and if nothing else comes out, Tressel's five-game suspension just might hold as appropriate punishment for his (essentially singular) role in the coverup.

As the Ohio State car investigation shows, though, there's going to be no shortage of scrutiny of the dealings of the OSU program over those coming months, and there's also little reason for Spielman -- who's quite admirably still a Buckeye through and through -- to simply invent the idea that there's more bad news coming. Spielman works at the largest sports media company in the world and still, presumably, has plenty of contacts in and around the Ohio State athletic department and community. If he's worried about more bad news, the rest of Ohio State sure should be too.

What Spielman didn't do, however, was intimate any single detail about what new developments there may be, which means he's either sworn to off-the-record secrecy (possible) or all he's heard is nebulous and undeveloped enough that anything new might not be worth concern when all the facts come out (also possible). As the "where there's smoke there's fire" situation goes, though, Spielman's statements absolutely constitute smoke, and Ohio State should be bracing for even more bad news.


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Posted on: May 30, 2011 10:45 pm

Chris Spielman: 'More stuff coming out' at OSU

I agree that school is expensive and athletes should be happy with the free education, but they put in their time for that and make money for the school as well as for the other sports that you mentioned like tennis and lacrosse. Without the football program there wouldnt be funding for these sports.
You say every school does not break the rules, but you have as much basis for your argument as i do charlietuna. The only time schools get in trouble is when they are in the spotlight, you don't hear about small time schools getting in trouble, because they have nothing to lose. Also with more students and more athletes with egos there is going to be incidents like Pryor, its unavoidable, these are young kids away from home, learning how to be a man.
I agree that rules are rules, and yes tressel should be punished for lying, i get that, but the whole incident in the first place is ridiculous and after hearing about it for 6 months im still at a loss on what the players did wrong. They earned their awards they should be able to do what they please with there awards. Also i dont agree with Tressel playing for a winning percentage, theres a lot more to this and to tressel then what you read on cbssportsline and watch on espn, there isnt much else for them to talk about here in this off season for sports, especially with the nfl lockout. Take a look at how many players he has molded off the field, made them in to leaders, earned their degrees, with honors, ask the players who played for them, what kind of man he is, not some writer or commentator who cares only about ratings.
Also you said that ohio state played 5 inelible players in the sugar bowl, but so did the ncaa, they knew about this incident for the bowl game, they didnt do anything to suspend them, instead they opened up their bank accounts.
Rules are rules and they should be punished but let the man live, everyone makes mistakes, its unbeleivable that so many people want to see someone whos a good person fail, just so they can feel better about themselves, because its easier to point the finger at someone else and say they are wrong, instead of looking at your own life.
Also just wait until Auburn and Cam Newton lose their championship and heisman, that will be the next story.

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 6:42 pm

Chris Spielman: 'More stuff coming out' at OSU

Most collegiate athletes under scholarship are very happy with the system They get free education and a college degree, play the sport they love, free room and board and books. You total that amount for a 4 year degree and it amounts to over $200000.00. That's a lot of loot. That goes for a tennis player, soccer player, lacrosse, or football in any division and in all conferences. So, when you say that athletes work for no money, you're mistaken. A college degree is worth more money than you think.

The NCAA is a governing body that oversees all aspects of collegiate athletics in the U.S. "The NCAA is made up of three membership classifications that are known as Divisions I, II and III. Each division creates its own rules governing personnel, amateurism, recruiting, eligibility, benefits, financial aid, and playing and practice seasons – consistent with the overall governing principles of the Association. Every program must affiliate its core program with one of the three divisions." It is necessary. I don't always agree with some of the inconsistent penalties it doles out to different programs, but to not have a governing body would mean thousands of fractured leagues with a million different rules to regulate college athletics.

It's not the NCAA that hold's the purse string, although they are the facilitators, but the schools themselves. Consider the annual revenues attained by some major athletic programs; Texas--$120,000,000.00, Ohio St.--$117,000,000.00, Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin all anout $100 million a year. That's what's at stake. If a school like Texas is forced to sit out a bowl game because of infractions, they would lose millions. So, you're argument does not hold water. EVERY SCHOOL DO NOT BREAK THE RULES! That would be counerproductive, don't you think?

The moral of the story with Jim Tressel is that if you lie about the infraction, The NCAA will deem it a much worse crime than the original infraction. Just ask Dez Bryant of Oklahoma St. who missed all of last year for a little whie lie when his crime was negligible. Tressel was arrogant and hypocritical in his actions. He was not protecting his players. He was protecting his winning percentage and the winning to come in 2011. He did not put the university first. The rules are the rules. Ohio St. fielded 5 inelible players last year and in the Sugar Bowl as well. The athletic program should pay dearly for that. I hope that the NCAA comes down hard on Ohio St.

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 3:18 pm

Chris Spielman: 'More stuff coming out' at OSU

He prepares them for life? How? By teaching them its ok to sell memories? its ok to sell the rewards of hard work & sacrifice with teammates? You are so wrong. It is his job to teach young men entrusted to him about honor, integrity, and improving your standing in life. Tressell is just another big time coach who uses these players for his own financial gain. He is just as bad as the corrupt NCAA you complain about. You are right about one thing, the NCAA is corrupt and it needs to change, but don't vindicate one wrong by another. These are two separate issues. I am not being naive when I say college sport needs to return to its roots, as in a place where young boys can learn to be good men. Don't make excuses for bums like Tressell by saying everyone does it. You can win and still teach boys, who often come from difficult backgrounds, to be good men and prepare themselves to have productive, honest lives. We are Americans, we are not hopeless, third world desperadoes. You should be ashamed of yourself for having this mindset. Get some pride and self-worth.

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Posted on: May 30, 2011 1:47 pm

Chris Spielman: 'More stuff coming out' at OSU

Its too bad about Tressell, he is a fine coach that was thrown under the bus by the NCAA. Sure he lied and he should be punished for it, but to constantly attack the guy for 6 months, and attack his ethics is comletely wrong. The NCAA is the corrupt organization here, they are the ones that make all the money, while the players who boost their revenue are just the work horses, no pay. Because of a little rule broken against the NCAA they have to act like its the biggest offense. This will go on over time, you will see, anytime a program makes it big they will be brought down by the ncaa. EVERY SCHOOL BREAKS THE RULES ON SOME LEVEL, ITS ONLY THE SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMS THAT ARE IN THE SPOTLIGHT THAT GET CAUGHT. Im not saying lying is ok or breaking the rules is, but every school does it, Auburn soon to be busted, Usc, Oregon, Osu, the names will continue with the schools being punished. My point is i still stand by tressel, and believe he is the most honest and ethical coach in the league, and its sad to see him leave to go coach another team. Whoever gets him is lucky, because he doesnt just make winners on the field, but also in life. He can't control everyones actions nor can anyone, its up to the individual, he should have been punished, but this is taking it too far. The NCAA is a monopoly and they are due for restructuring.

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Posted on: May 18, 2011 1:58 pm

Chris Spielman: 'More stuff coming out' at OSU

Oh i'm sorry, these twenty year olds who ahve been force fed things their entire life because of their talents are fully grown males. They are big, strong, and can grow beards. Mentally they are kids. They are kids experiencing the first couple years of their life away from home. Learn how to read into something instead of taking everything literally.

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Posted on: May 18, 2011 1:54 pm

Chris Spielman: 'More stuff coming out' at OSU

Great anoalogy man, except in your analogy you completely make yourself sound like the idiot clown. YOur making a comparison to murder? Haha, it is college football and you don't understand my statement. I asked you to find me another coach who would not do the same exact thing. If you believe every other coach in college football would come running to the NCAA to turn in their star players instead of trying to help those players out and stop it form happening again then you are completely out of touch with reality. It would be rare to find a coach who would turn their players in like that. Tressell was caught in a sticky situation, but it's the players who are idiots. He is paid to WIN- not to be a daddy to 20 year old men. He isn't paid to plauy tattle tale. He has gained respect for me through all this simply because the mass don't understand what really went on.

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Posted on: May 15, 2011 8:46 pm

Chris Spielman: 'More stuff coming out' at OSU

Like everyone else?  Everyone else is paying for their sins.  Idiot.

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Posted on: May 15, 2011 10:32 am

Chris Spielman: 'More stuff coming out' at OSU

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Posted on: May 14, 2011 10:50 pm

Chris Spielman: 'More stuff coming out' at OSU

What's so special about Tressel that he would get preferential treatment or sanctions any less than the kid at OK State a couple of years ago,
that hadn't broken ANY NCAA rules, but lied to them about having talked to Deon Sanders? Which wasn't a violation. He was suspended an
entire year.......Tressel lied his ass off not only to the NCAA, but virtually everyone around him. And what he lied about were violations, with
even more likely to follow. Time to set an example I believe. The NCAA should lay it on thick this time. They are so sick and tired of the bad
publicity all this has brought, that I forsee major major penalties coming down. OSU really screwed up this time and the NCAA is so mad at them
that Boise State will pay dearly! Huh? What? Well you didn't think that OSU would actually have any sanctions placed on THEM did you????? LOL
Hopefully by the Broncos being banned from any type of post season activity over the next 5 years, along with loss of schollys, those damned
Buckeyes will learn their lesson! Wink

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Posted on: May 12, 2011 3:56 pm

Chris Spielman: 'More stuff coming out' at OSU

My thoughts exactly!!!

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