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James Rodgers has second surgery

Posted on: March 2, 2011 11:49 am
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Oregon State already knew it would be down one Rodgers when star tailback Jacquizz Rodgers took his 3,877 career rushing yards and 46 touchdowns to the NFL a year early. But Mike Riley and the Beavers still expected to be able to rely on receiver/returner extroadinaire (and Jacquizz brother) James Rodgers, the preseason All-American who was lost for 2010 with a Week 5 knee injury against Arizona. Despite playing in a higher percentage of the season's games than typically allowed for a medical waiver, Rodgers was granted a fifth year of eligibility in January thanks to having not taken a redshirt year.

But will Rodgers even be able to use it? The answer is in doubt after the Oregonian reported that Rodgers has undergone a second surgery on the knee:
Rodgers' mother, Tasha Williams, said by phone Tuesday that as far as she knew, the surgery went well ...

It has been the elephant in the coaches' offices at the Valley Center this winter: will Rodgers be able to play again? Will he be the same player who was one of the top receiver-kick returners in the nation? And if he can't play, will he end up being a GA, or an unpaid volunteer coach this coming season instead of the team's go-to offensive threat? ...

Nothing is for certain except the fact Rodgers faces a long rehabilitation process to try and get back on the field.
We obviously wish Rodgers the best of luck in his recovery efforts, but certainly not as hard as Riley's wishing; without James (and with Rodgers nursing his own injuries), the Beaver offense cratered down the 2010 stretch run, scoring 20 or fewer points in four of their last five games. With neither brother on hand, Riley (who the Oregonian notes has already made comments that might indicate he's not planning on having James available) could have a hard time finding enough playmakers to keep the heat off of quarterback Ryan Katz.

It's not a stretch to say the difference between a return to the Beavers' typical form under riley and a second straight bowlless disappointment might be how well Rodgers' knee recovers this offseason.


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James Rodgers has second surgery

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James Rodgers has second surgery

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James Rodgers has second surgery

With the addition of Storm Woods, the running game might not be too bad. It depends more on the progression of the offensive line and not depending on the fly sweep that everyone has come to expect the Beavs to run. With more passing to keep defenses from loading the box, it should allow for better results when the Beavs DO run the ball. Being a fan, I'm very optimistic and I see them going bowling again this next year. It would be better than expected if they make it to one of the BCS bowls but I'll be happy if they make one of the next tier bowls.

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Posted on: March 2, 2011 11:04 pm

James Rodgers has second surgery

Doom and gloom.... It's not as if the Beavers don't have ANYONE else on offense. Give me a break ! ! Wheaton was progressing well and so was Halahuni. Ryan Katz should be much improved now that he has a year of starting experience and without the Rodgers brothers to depend on, maybe they'll start using more of the weapons available. Everyone knows about the fly sweep and has been shutting it down all last season. Let's try developing something different with the rest of the offense. Last year the play-calling was too predictable and was shut down for the most part. I noticed most of the new recruits are defensive players, so maybe if the D can step up next season, it'll keep the Beavs in the games and give the offense more time on the field to score. GO BEAVS ! ! ! !

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