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SDSU's Long isn't playing nice with BYU

Posted on: February 4, 2011 11:32 am
Posted by Jerry Hinnen

Hey, remember when a botched replay call seemed to bring San Diego State and BYU within one sternly worded press release of meeting in an abandoned warehouse somewhere for an Anchorman- style rumble that would settle things once and for all? (Or, at the least, a really intense water balloon battle?) The Mountain West's ruling on the matter seemed to quiet things down for a while, but new Aztecs head coach Rocky Long made it clear yesterday that he's not interested in calling a truce anytime soon between his team and the newly-independent Cougars:
“They’re saying they don’t need us, and they’re saying they can do a whole lot better without us, so you don’t make their scheduling easy,” Long said ...

“After five or six years or something, I think they’ll be in a conference,” Long said. “But after five or six years, if they’re still independent, I wouldn’t mind playing them at all. But I don’t want to play them (until then) because I think they treated the league the wrong way.

“There has to be a period of time when we don’t play them, because I don’t like the way they treated the league.”

Why Long is holding this kind of grudge against BYU but not fellow MWC ship-jumpers Utah and TCU isn't entirely clear ... well, not until Long does make it clear that he doesn't think much of BYU's reliance on players who have spent two years away on Mormon missions (emphasis added):

“I’ve had several players who have played in our program who have gone off on missions,” Long said. “The positives really outweigh any negatives from their going on missions. We can talk about a certain school -- but I’m not going to talk about any other school but ours -- how the maturity factor and age factor gives you a huge advantage . When [new Aztec signee Sam Meredith ] comes back, he’ll potentially be a much, much better football player than we leaves on his mission.”
Hearing that, it's hard to think that Long's anti-Cougar scheduling slant actually stems from BYU's treatment of the MWC or Replaygate or anything else specific; it's just good ol' run-of-the-mill hate forged from Long's (long) years of battling BYU as the head coach at New Mexico and an assistant at SDSU.

Which, as a follower of college football, is the kind of hate we can totally support. Here's to hoping BYU and SDSU decide to tangle a lot sooner than Long would like.

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Posted on: February 5, 2011 10:10 pm

SDSU's Long isn't playing nice with BYU

Zbthank, this all my personal opinion that the MWC is spitting in the face of the three teams leaving the conference. That is all it is.

1.  I'll admit it, I don't know tv rights and all of those logisitics. I just figure the Mountain is owned, controlled, ran, or however one wants to decribe it, by the MWC. That is why I view it as a method to spite both schools. I believe it was played before TCU's announcement as well, however, there had been rumblings that TCU was leaving. Now if the MWC has no say in what is broadcasted on the Mountain, than I need to change my logic.

3.  BYU typically starts taking control of the game mid way through the second half. BYU was up 13 mid way through and they couldn't be stopped. All of the sudden UNM can mug players, one step is a travelling call, and so forth. If correct the refs made 11 straight calls in favor of UNM, half of which were very questionable. Look at this UNM team. They lost to Utah and Wyoming. They pretty well quit against SDSU. You could see that same look in thier eyes once BYU started to roll. Again this is just my opinion that the MWC is making sure they keep any of the three and in this case, BYU, from winning any titles before they leave.

4.  Its not. If I didn't say that BYU football, like TCU and Utah basketball sucked, than my apologies. All three of those respective programs don't need help in being humiliated as they are doing just fine by themselves.

I personally think that if any of these theories hold any weight, the MWC should thank BYU and Utah for making the conference. They were the pilot schools that brought the MWC into existance and logic would say if it wasn't for them, than TCU picking up the slack in football, the MWC wouldn't even be alive, let alone relevant in any sport. Again this is my opinion. By the way congrats on the basketball title this year.

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Posted on: February 5, 2011 10:52 am

SDSU's Long isn't playing nice with BYU

Whether it was intended as a rib on BYU or not, I actually really appreciate Long's comments about players going on missions. He says it gives a "huge advantage" (which I do not agree with), but lead of by saying that the positives outweigh the negatives (which I do agree with).

Going on an mission will not (cannot) make a person a better football player (most missionaries around the world aren't even allowed to play football because of the church's fear that they will get hurt) but what it will do is give the player most of the intangibles that are so highly spoken of in football. Self-motivation, commitment, teamwork, emotional maturity, etc. What they might lose physically because of atrophy can be regained in a year redshirting or on the practice squad, so I agree with Coach Long, the positives really outweigh the negatives and, while I would not consider myself a fan of SDSU, I am very glad to read that Coach Long is supporting  his players who wish to go (practically sounds like he is encouraging them).

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Posted on: February 5, 2011 5:59 am

SDSU's Long isn't playing nice with BYU

Thanks for calling out BYU, we all hate them coach

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Posted on: February 5, 2011 2:01 am

SDSU's Long isn't playing nice with BYU


I'm going to attempt to reply to your points, but I fail to follow your logic...

1.  The conference has sold the right to broadcast their home games through a television deal...if the current rights holder does not want to sell the game to CBS, there is nothing the conference can do to control that situation.  This in now way was the MWC trying to treat Utah or TCU poorly.  Besides, wasn't this game played before the TCU announcement?

2.  Point taken - this does appear to be a big F-U to TCU.

3. is BYU falling on their face the conferences fault?

4.  Again, how is BYU falling on their face the conferences fault?

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Posted on: February 5, 2011 1:55 am

SDSU's Long isn't playing nice with BYU


Rocky Long hasn't liked BYU for a number of reasons dating way back to when he was a player and then later as the Head Coach at New Mexico.  It really has very little, if anything, to do with their leaving the conference.

Utah & TCU left the MWC to join AQ football conferences...BYU essentially "took their ball & went home".  You're talking about going to a BCS game?  BYU has a better chance of making it from the Mtn West than they do as an independent....especially w/ Utah & soon to be TCU out of the way.  This isn't a Rocky Long or SDSU thing, not a single team in the Mtn West is viewing the BYU departure the same as the other two. 

Don't start making things up - he never ripped on BYU for relying on players who have gone on LDS mission.  He was asked about an SDSU recruit will will be going on a mission.  When asked if he was concerned about it, he stated that he feels it is a significant advantage to have the kid back after he has matured a few years, and no he wasn't worried about it.  Everyone knows that BYU's program has a significant amount of players who have spent time on missions & well, you can connect the dots.  However, I wouldn't call that "ripping".

The MWC is now irrelevant?  Guess that depends on your point of year when Boise St or TCU are playing in a BCS game and BYU is playing in the New Mexico Bowl, who do you think will be feeling irrelevant then?

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 5:36 pm

SDSU's Long isn't playing nice with BYU

From my perspective, Long is wrong on both of the major points he makes here.  BYU left the MWC just like Utah and TCU, so why single them out? Were they supposed to stay in the conference when the other two teams who made it relevant in football were jumping ship? Despite their poor season in 2010, BYU still has aspirations of playing in big (BCS) bowl games I'm sure and playing in the MWC without Utah and TCU gets them nowhere.  In my opinion, I have no problem with BYU leaving, they had no reason to stay.

As for ripping on BYU for relying on players who have gone on LDS missions, that's even further off base.  For one, the school was founded on Mormon principles and the two-year missions are part of their theology, which refreshingly is more important than playing football for two years.  If Long wants to rely on more mature players, why not just play his upperclassmen? I know that's a ludicrous statement, but so is arguing that the players coming back from a two-year mission have an advantage.  I'm sure they were playing a lot of football while spending six days a week doing their religious duties all over the world.  Yeah, they're older than your typical players, but age and maturity don't give you the same advantage as going through two-a-days, practicing against high-caliber athletes everyday, and playing in games. 

To me it sounds like Long is pissing and moaning because the MWC is irrelevant now and SDSU is a big fish in a small pond.  This has nothing to do with BYU treating the conference badly in my mind.  It seems more like a little jealousy, a lot of whining, and maybe even a little two cents.

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 2:43 pm

SDSU's Long isn't playing nice with BYU

SDSU "throttle" BYU.

Yes, that and all other fantasies that you have.

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 1:58 pm

SDSU's Long isn't playing nice with BYU

for starters, BYU has always been public enemy #1 on whatever conference they have played in. Outside of 5-8 years of bad sports, BYU has always been in the tops of the conference in both basketball and football. People will always hate on the best.

As for the comment about BYU treating the conference badly, they have that right along with Utah. If it wasn't for BYU and Utah hating the 16 team WAC, the MWC would not exists. They got the more original teams, aka the 6 other schools that had been in the WAC for 20+ years and they formed the MWC. Long has no business in calling BYU or Utah out for treating the MWC badly, when they created the conference.

How about we look at what the MWC has done to the three teams that have made the MWC known around the nation.

1. Utah/TCU- two top five football teams playing with tons on the line. CBS offers to play the game in prime time, but the conference comes back and says no. Why would they not want thier two best teams on display around the nation?

2. TCU- Why did they change the location of the BSU game to Boise from Ft. Worth?

3. BYU- They have the best basketball team in the conference. Someone tell me how a UNM team that pretty well quit against SDSU, lost to Wyoming and Utah, two sub .500 teams, can suddenly come back from a 13 point deficit, when BYU is in the zone and doing thier standard pull away, when they typically do in games.

4. In football, BYU didn't have a team that would be a threat to the conference, crap they lost to Utah State, thats bad enough. In Basketball, TCU and Utah are bad enough they won't threaten anyone.

My opinion is the MWC is spitting in the face of the three that have made the MWC known and more particularly the one team that has given the WAC/MWC national recognition, BYU. Yeah Utah has been to the BCS and started that trend, but BYU was relevant in football back in the 80s and 90s, long before Utah arrived consistantly in the 2000s.

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 12:33 pm

SDSU's Long isn't playing nice with BYU

I don't agree.  BYU is fun to beat up on.  I'd rather see a good team like SDSU throttle them as opposed to them playing Utah, Weber State  or Utah State.

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